Movie Review: Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre

The new film “Operation Fortune” is another one of those, “time and money have been spent developing a new script and story idea”. This time the script was written by director Guy Ritchie and two other screenwriters”. After over a year of trying to fix a bad screenplay and money lost developing a bad idea, we have to find a way to recoup our losses. The only way once again is to get named actors to take lead roles in a bad movie, to try and save the box office. This time around, the actors are, Jason Statham, Hugh Grant, Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, and even Josh Hartnett, who has had almost no movie career for many years. There is some very good logic to this strategy because there are definitely fans of Statham and Plaza (including me) who are curious and just might drop about 10 or 11 dollars on something that we know in advance is going to be pretty bad. This movie is in fact, pretty bad.

Starting with the story, which is all over the place, plays like a Bond knockoff, and worse, makes no sense. This film is just one scene, to another location, to another action scene, to another venue in a new country with no explanation or logic anywhere. What the hell is going on now, is the thinking any viewer would have while sitting through these depressing two hours.

Aubrey Plaza is funny in a few scenes, there are some typical Statham karate scenes, but not nearly enough.

This time around, the Rotten Tomatoes’ low ratings of about 54% are accurate and this one should be missed by everybody. The good news is that this movie will be out of most theaters in about a week.

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