Movie Review: Babylon

To review a 3-hour and 9-minute pile of all-time movie garbage like “Babylon”, I thought I would take a new perspective of some random person thinking of seeing this waste of film and talking to someone who had just seen this monstrosity.

So is this movie any good? No. What is it about? I really don’t know, it’s just a series of mostly disconnected scenes. Some scenes with people making movies, and several wild dancing scenes at two parties. So how did this film start? Well, there was this elephant and a man with a truck who thought he was picking up a horse. So they tried to bring this huge elephant up a mountain using another truck to help tow and the tow failed. So what did they do? Two men actually got behind the elephant and tried to stop the truck from falling down the mountainous road, even though the elephant probably weighed 3 tons. Then what? Well, the elephant defecates all over the entire face and body of some poor immigrant. You’re kidding? I wish I was and that was only the beginning of this disgusting movie. As far as the elephant we never find out how they prevented this poor animal from falling to its death, but they do show the animal later in the movie unharmed.

Then a few minutes later at some lavish over the top party, there is a hooker who stands over the huge stomach of a fat man and urinates all over him. Really? Yes really. Some minutes later there is a midget who is riding a – rubber-pogo-stick-penis. A rubber-pogo-stick-penis? I could not believe it either. Then the penis ejaculates all over the crowd of people. Is this a triple-x porn movie? Not as far as I know. But it sure is one of the most disgusting and bad movies I have ever seen. Later in the film, Margo Robbie throws food all over herself and a crowd of people then leaves the house, then comes back in the house and projectile vomits all over an expensive carpet and then continues to vomit all over a bald fat man. The tell-tale sign of a very bad movie, the horrendous vomit scene. That is for sure. There is a huge muscular man who eats a live rat, later in the movie. A live rat? Yes, a live rat. There is also an alligator and Margo Robbie gets bitten in the neck by a snake. Does she die? No, this Chinese woman sucks the poison out of her neck. Sounds like a high point? It just might be considering how horrible this mess is. The ending was very strange, showing excerpts of other movies and some weird graphical images? Why did they show that? I have no idea. All I know is that I wasted over 3 hours of my life, wondering how or why this level of crap was ever made and somehow got Margo Robbie and Brad Pitt to star in this horrific mess.

We all know that the year 2022 is one of the worst years for the stock market, almost as bad as 2008. This has been a direct result of the fake stimulus thrown at the market starting in March 2020 because of the Pandemic. Unfortunately, this is the first time in movie history that in one year, two grotesque movies, this one and “Everything Everywhere all at Once” have been released and given any positive reviews. In fact, Babylon and Everything both have received 6 Golden Globe nominations, even though both movies are piles of disconnected garbage. What is going on here? Has everyone gone crazy? None of this makes any sense, and for all movie fans around the world, we can only hope that this is not some kind of new strange insane trend, where making insane crap is considered good only because it is so different. Next are the Academy Award nominations and we can only hope for sanity to return.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this waste of 3 hours are an understandable, but innacurate 55%, with my rating 5% and a resounding miss this horrible film at all costs.

Movie Review: Bullet Train

There are so many things facinating to consider when a stupid and bad movie like “Bullet Train” is released. How can a high level named star like Brad Pitt read, comprehend and then decide to make garbage like this after reading the script? Did someone just gather together some named stars like Brad Pitt and throw in cameos from Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock and believe that all those well known bankable personalities can rescue an extremely bad movie? Did someone owe some producer or director a favor, given that Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock were the main stars in the recent also bad “The Lost City” where Brad Pitt did a cameo in their movie? How much money was spent on a story, script, idea this stupid? How much money will be lost when decisions to make a movie this horrible are accumulated over a long period of time?

The best critical comments on Rotten Tomatoes about this movie is from Rex Reed who wrote “Just when you think you’ve seen the worst movie ever made, along comes a pile of toxic waste called Bullet Train. During the course of an interminable and unimpeachably excruciating two hours and six minutes, this abomination of a movie not only kills off almost everyone onboard but demolishes two of the world’s most miraculous trains as well. I could not agree more with these comments.

For me there were only 2 good things about this mess. The heavy English accents make much of the stupid dialogue indiscernible. The Bullet Train in Japan is a very impressive means of very fast transportation that cost 90 billion dollars to build. Other than that, there is nothing good here. The scenes are disconnected and all over the place. There is no logical flow, anywhere. There is flipping from different timelines trying to explain this garbage of movie mess. Nothing makes any sense, increasing the hopes that this torture of 2 hours of wasted film will finally be over.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are a way too high 53%, with my rating of 3% – only for those who are interested in seeing Japan’s impressive bullet train. Do yourself a favor and miss this embarrassment of movie making – one of the worst movies ever made.

Movie Review: FURY

Saving Private Ryan which came out in July 1998 will always be the #1 and best movie about the horrors of war. This movie will rank probably in the top 10 of all time, because when it comes to showing the violence, death and the worst parts of humanity, on that front it does score a high grade.

The acting in this movie is very good and it was good to see the return of Shia Labeouf after he has gone through several years of having some emotional problems in his personal life.  Brad Pit did a very good job as the leader of the group under impossible circumstances of non-stop life and death which is what war is all about.

There was a scene early in the movie when they showed the partially severed face of a man who was killed in the tank which i thought perhaps was a bit too much, but when it comes to war, you can never try to lighten how bad it was for the young men who fought in a war.

I highly recommend this movie.

RB Screenwriting