Netflix Movie Review: Me Time

Some months ago, in a conference room for some Netflix production meeting, someone said, lets just pair up Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in some story, some idea. It doesnt matter what that idea is. This does not need a script – we will make money just based on name recognition from two very bankable stars. And so it goes. Q rating over quality. Bankable name recognition over any semblance of a good idea.

The new Netflix movie “Me Time” starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg is so bad, that fast forward is your best friend. This film is 100% unwatchable, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. So bad that once again, there is an intense vomiting scene where Kevin Hart eats something bad and vomits all over an outdoor restaurant. For some reason, over the years, too many of the wrong people in charge think that vomiting is funny. Vomiting is disgusting and never funny. Vomiting in a big way in any scene within a bad movie will never rescue that film. As I have said in the past on this web site,vomiting within a bad movie is always a tell tale sign that the film will be horrific. Me Time is yet another example of this phenomenon. This also happened in Kevin Hart’s last bad Netflix movie, “The Man from Toronto” – that included yet another grotesque vomiting scene.

Kevin Hart is arguably one of the greatest stand up comedians of all time, but he has still not made a good “comedy” movie – other than his concert movies, which were all outstanding. The problem here is long term degredation over time might ruin Hart’s comedy movie career. However his serious roles in some recent movies have been overall good, so maybe the obvious solution is, do not make another bad comedy movie and stick with the serious ones.

The bad story of Me Time is about two old friends, played by Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg reuniting for a series of idiotic attempted physical comedy events that even include Hart almost being killed by a Mountain Lion – now how funny is that? Regina Hall plays Kevin Hart’s wife, and its a wonder why she took this small role within a horrendous unfunny comedy movie.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this horrendous garbage are a very low 6% and I agree with this rating and rate this movie a “run for your life” big miss.

Netflix Movie Review: The Man from Toronto

Kevin Hart is one of the best standup comedians to come around in decades. His rhythm, story telling and comedic timing is always about the best there is. Years ago Hart would release his standup acts as a movie and as far as comedy, these films are his best. Unfortunately as far as Hart releasing a comedy movie that even comes close matching to his talent as a standup comedian, this has not happened yet. Part of this is creating a great comedy screenplay is very rare and the other part is, perhaps Hart is better off just doing standup movies when it comes to comedy.

Hart has made several very good serious movies over the years including “The Upside” with Brian Cranston and most recently “Fatherhood” released on Netflix. A better career path would be to continue with the serious roles, considering how bad the new movie “The Man from Toronto” is.

The story of The Man from Toronto is that Hart is mistaken for a hit man played by Woody Harrelson. Being mistaken from a criminal or killer has been done several times in Hart’s past movies, including the two “Ride along” movies made with Ice Cube. We have all seen this idea too many times, with Hart trying to act like he is a killer that has never been funny. How this mistaken identity happens has to do with printer toner that gives Hart’s character the wrong address to a cabin at a resort, where he is mistaken for Harrelson. Considering that Hart is a short black man and Harrelson is a normal height white man, this mistaken identity given their considerable physical differences makes the entire idea more implausible just due to word of mouth with the other criminals involved. The remaining movie are several well done fight scenes, explosions, chase scenes and a retread of what we have all seen too many times before.

There is the standard movie-vomit-scene where Hart’s character vomits all over two people with the ongoing mysterious belief from too many directors where this is seen as something funny to throw into bad movie. In no movie is someone vomiting on someone else going to make it better. As a matter of fact too much vomiting is a tell-tale sign that this is yet another very bad film.

Other famous actors in this movie include Ellen Barkin and Kaley Cuoco and given their small parts and this bad script its a wonder why they both agreed to make this film.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this Netflix movie are a very low 25% and unfortunately I do agree with this assessment and do not recommend this movie.

Netflix Movie Review: Fatherhood

For anyone who has read Kevin Hart’s book , I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons one cannot help but admire his talent as a stand-up comedian but more impressive is how he survived his childhood, his criminal drug addict father and starting out as a shoe salesman. What followed was many years of hardship and dues paying, to eventually becoming the highest paid stand-up comedian in the world. Success in standup comedy could just be the most difficult road in show business.

As far as acting, all of Hart’s early films were comedies with the exception of 2017’s “The Upside”, with Brian Cranston. His latest movie “Fatherhood” – available on Netflix is Hart’s most serious role and there are scenes within this film that demonstrate conclusively that Kevin Hart is a very good actor.

Fatherhood is a very serious movie about tragic circumstances that could happen to anyone including the remainder of the story about the lead character Matt, played by Hart, adapting to a new life raising his daughter as a single father. Matt constantly has to make difficult decisions that are all about the welfare his child and trying to hang onto a job and making a living. The best part of this story is that sometimes responsibility and a person’s professional career can conflict to the point where there is no perfect solution, no best answer. The supporting cast is also very impressive, including Alfre Woodard, Paul Reiser and Lil Rel Howery.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie of only 69% are too low, my rating is more in the 80% range and I recommend Fatherhood, mainly for the surprisingly good acting of Kevin Hart and the relatable but tragic story.