Review: The Theory of Everything

Overall I did like this movie but it was very slow and long in some areas and of course watching Steven Hawking die of Lou Gehrig’s disease is a very depressing thing to sit through. What was never explained in the movie was how when he was in his 20’s and was told he was only going to live 2 years that he was able to live to age 72 and is still alive today. Something should have been said about this medical miracle that he was able to achieve.

I was impressed with the machine that was invented that allowed Hawking to speak and write which for him was a major live saver and is definitely one of the reasons why he is still alive today and still working in science.

The actress in the movie who played his wife, Felicity Jones is very good in the role with her acting but she is miscast because she is far too attractive to be involved with the lead actor in this movie or Steven Hawking. I also thought that more should have been shown about Hawking’s genius and more of his discoveries.

I do recommend this movie.

RB Screenwriting

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