Movie Review: Black or White

Why make this movie? Out of all the scripts reviewed by Hollywood, why pick this movie to make? This makes no sense because this movie turned out to be a bad TV movie. No way this script or this story is worthy of a big screen movie even with Kevin Costner as the star of the movie. Its a shame this movie was made and I found it hard to keep watching it because it was so boring in many of the scenes, and Kevin Costner is drunk during most of the movie as well.

This movie is definitely worth missing.

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Review: The Wedding Ringer

This movie was not funny. This movie sucked. This movie was all over the place with boring and stupid scene changes. This movie was hard to sit through – 2 hours of my life wasted. Mostly, it just was NOT funny and when a movie is a comedy and its not funny, what is the point?

So hard to break into the screenwriting field and yet, garbage movies like this get made. Its a damn shame. Miss this movie at all costs.

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Movie Review: Cake

Jennifer Aniston’s acting was good, but that was the only good thing about this long and very depressing movie. Why would anyone want to go to a movie where the main character is in pain and very depressed during the entire 2 hours? This movie was a nightmare to sit through, so why bother?

Miss this movie and save yourself 2 hours of depression.

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Review: American Sniper

What makes a great war movie? A movie that shows the horror of war, and doesn’t try to make the insanity and horror of war any less than what it really is. The all time champion of this will always be “Saving Private Ryan”, which came out in July 1998. The movie “American Sniper” is not on a par with Saving Private Ryan as far as showing battle scenes and death but as far as show how war affects a returning soldier both physically and mentally, American Sniper shows this as well as any war movie I have ever seen.

Bradley Cooper did a great job with his role in this movie and has already been nominated for an Academy Award and there is a good chance that Micheal Keaton will win best actor for Birdman, which is a movie that I did not like, but that’s Hollywood. Saving Private Ryan didn’t even win for best picture in 1998, losing incredibly to the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, which had to be the most ridiculous snub in Oscar History.

I strongly recommend “American Sniper”.

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Movie Review: Black Hat

This was a bad movie. There is nothing unusual about a bad movie, they happen all the time, what i found very unusual was that Michael Mann directed a movie this bad. The story was all over the place, the action and technical explanations made very little sense and were hard to follow. Most of the plot was ridiculous and the scenes moved all over the place, very often disconnected to the previous scene or making no sense at all. On a number of levels this was quite a bad movie. Considering Micheal Mann directed and wrote the movie “HEAT” which came out 20 years ago I was quite surprised that this movie was as bad as it was.

Avoid this movie at all costs. See American Sniper this weekend or Selma, which are much better uses of your time.

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Movie Review: Selma

This was a good movie in that it showed an important moment in history that perhaps many people never fully understood or know about. This movie depicts man’s humanity to man and the inhumanity doled out to black people in the 60’s, not even allowing them to vote in the South even though they had the legal right to vote was an outrage. The acting in this movie was very good, especially the acting of the actor who played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There are a few small scenes with Oprah Winfrey but she hardly had any speaking lines in the whole movie.

The downside of this movie is that it was very slow at times and at times the story did skip around too much. Overall this movie was good, not great and will definitely receive an Academy Award nomination.

I do recommend this movie.

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Review: Taken 3

What a shame. This is another example of another great movie franchise that was ruined by stupidity and greed. Due to the guaranteed money that the producers know will be coming in for this movie, like they normally do, they forgot to write any kind of a decent script.

This movie from the beginning to the end was very disappointing. The plot, many of the scenes and the overall story made no sense. It was one of those movies where at the end of the movie they had to explain all the things that were impossible to know while watching the movie, because what happened and the conclusion of the movie was so absurd and overly complicated. I am so sick of movies that could be great that fail to do one basic thing – write a decent story! Just come up with a good solid story that is a worthy conclusion to a movie franchise that should have ended in a great way.

For this movie, even the action and fight scenes were very disappointing as the first movie had great action scenes, the second was just OK, but this one was very average. I also didn’t like the fact that they killed his x-wife in this movie and its not explained that his x-wife is either married to the husband we saw in the first Taken movie or got divorced and then married another rich man. What was great about the first Taken was the father daughter relationship and what he went through to save her life. Its a good thing this franchise is now done for good because they just plain killed it for good with this very bad 3rd installment.

What a ridiculous movie, which I could never recommend. This is a shame and happens more often than not for most great Hollywood movie franchises.

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Review: The Imitation Game

This movie was absolutely outstanding. One of the best movies I have ever seen. Across the board, a great movie.

What is most amazing is that because of the genius of the main character in the movie Alan Turing, WWII would have dragged on for perhaps 2 more years and could have cost an estimated 14 million more lives. This is a true story and the main character in the movie Alan Turing is essentially the inventor of the modern day computer. How he was treated after the war is a tragedy and I wont spoil the ending by elaborating more on this amazing ending.

The science behind this movie and the showing of the years of hard work trying to break Germany’s code was depicted in a great movie during this movie. This movie should be nominated for an academy award for 2014.

I highly recommend this great movie.

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