Movie Review: Black or White

Why make this movie? Out of all the scripts reviewed by Hollywood, why pick this movie to make? This makes no sense because this movie turned out to be a bad TV movie. No way this script or this story is worthy of a big screen movie even with Kevin Costner as the star of the movie. Its a shame this movie was made and I found it hard to keep watching it because it was so boring in many of the scenes, and Kevin Costner is drunk during most of the movie as well.

This movie is definitely worth missing.

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Review: The Wedding Ringer

This movie was not funny. This movie sucked. This movie was all over the place with boring and stupid scene changes. This movie was hard to sit through – 2 hours of my life wasted. Mostly, it just was NOT funny and when a movie is a comedy and its not funny, what is the point?

So hard to break into the screenwriting field and yet, garbage movies like this get made. Its a damn shame. Miss this movie at all costs.

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Movie Review: Cake

Jennifer Aniston’s acting was good, but that was the only good thing about this long and very depressing movie. Why would anyone want to go to a movie where the main character is in pain and very depressed during the entire 2 hours? This movie was a nightmare to sit through, so why bother?

Miss this movie and save yourself 2 hours of depression.

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