Movie Review: Get Hard

Its very obvious that Kevin Hart is the hottest comedian on the planet right now and it seems that he is in just about every new comedy movie, but unfortunately for Kevin and everybody who sees his movies, all of his movies so far are just not that funny.  Kevin Hart should continue with making stand up comedy movies because he is definitely a great stand up comedian, but because of the “strike with the iron is hot” mentality of both Kevin and his agent, they are picking movies long before they are sure they are actually funny or even written well.

The movie Get Hard has a funny premise and Will Farrell is mostly funny in this movie but overall this movie was just not funny enough to recommend.  I counted about 5 laughs in the entire two hour ordeal and the predictable plot did not help the fact that overall this was not a very good movie.

I just hope that Kevin Hart waits a little longer before making another fast written and mediocre movie because if me makes more movies like this he will lose his movie career before it really even starts. There is something to be said about striking while the iron is hot and maximizing your money when you can, but there is also something to be said about overexposing yourself too much and making too many bad movies.

Hopefully the next movie we see from Kevin Hart is another concert movie.

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