Movie Review: Me and Earl and the dying Girl

In order to get a movie into Sundance, or perhaps break into the movie business as a new writer, you have to be very different. Different is fine and OK if its interesting or very funny and a good example of this is the movie “Napolean Dynamite, which came out in 2004. This movie was highly unusual and downright weird but it was funny so you liked it. “Napolen Dynamite” was so different than anything you had seen before so the movie was a surprise hit. This movie, “Me and Earl and the dying Girl” attempts to be very different and weird and unlike anything you have seen before. The problem with this movie is that in many areas its too different, weird and unusual to make it a very good movie or a very funny movie. The subject of the dying girl in this story is the central theme of the entire movie and while this can be both touching and depressing at the same time, the premise is too sad to make the other parts of the movie; the parts that try to be funny or very different successful.

Overall I liked this movie and the attempts to be very different and funny, but for the most part, it was not funny enough to overcome the many flaws that include the fact that this movie is trying to be too weird and different to be an effective story. Different and quirky has to be paired with quality and while this movie had much of that, for me it just quite didn’t have enough.

I am neutral on this movie, so I cannot recommend or not recommend it. This movie should be seen by anyone who wants to see something different and something they have never been seen before.

Writing a movie to be different

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