Movie Review: Irrational Man

At this point, after some 50 years of Woody Allen movies I think everyone would agree that we all like the funny movies he has made the best, and the best of those was 1977’s Annie Hall which is the first and only comedy to win best picture as a comedy.

As far as the movie “Irrational Man”, which is a very serious movie, overall it was good, but not good enough to be remembered as one of Woody Allen’s best serious movies. This story has some philosophical ideas about life, why we are all here, and these are the reasons why, a College professor played by Joaquin Phoenix, is so tortured to the point that he is an alcoholic and rather suicidal. After overhearing a story about a woman who could lose her kids because of the actions of a very bad family court judge this professor is able to give himself a new reason for living by committing the perfect crime and killing this judge.  After this the movie is about clues that come up with his girlfriend and her eventually discovering that he has committed this crime and the predicatable conclusion. This movie was for the most part entertaining, but not compelling enough to recommend it as a movie that is really worth seeing. For that reason I am neutral on this movie. If you are a fan of Woody Allen you should see this movie, otherwise this can be missed.

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