Movie Review: Transporter Refueled

Why make a another Transporter movie? The original was at best an OK movie and this one is a pale imitation of the original. What the producers of this movie were thinking was, who cares about the story? All we need to do is have some violent action scenes and some karate and we can skip over the arduous task of writing a script or making up any story that makes any sense.

Unfortunately this movie has no where near the action or Karate scenes that would make this movie even remotely watchable and because of this reason and the fact that the story is ridiculous this movie should be avoided at all costs. This actor who plays the transporter is a bad replacement for Jason Statham who played the original character even though he was chosen I assume because he looks somewhat like Statham and has some believable Karate skills.

I do not recommend this movie.

Bad Movie Remakes

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