Movie Review: The Perfect Guy

This is a thriller type of movie that we have seen many times before about a man stalking a woman; most recently with Jennifer Lopez “The Boy Next Door” , which is reviewed in this blog and was a bad movie. The good thing this movie does is that it does provide some background as to why the stalker (played by Michael Ealy) is insane; in this case he was a child abandoned by this mother at 2 years old and then followed many years of bad foster care. What this movie lacks is a believable ending and the lengths the woman (played by Saana Lathan) takes at the end to get revenge against the man that has ruined her life are completely ridiculous. Of course we know this is a movie, but no woman would go to the incredible lengths this woman takes in this movie to resolve the situation or take revenge. What many thrillers like this always lack is believably and this movie is no exception.

Aside from all these flaws, this movie is an effective thriller and in the end I do recommend it.

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The Perfect Guy IMDB


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