Movie Review: Captive

This movie is about a true story that happened 10 years ago in Atlanta Georgia about a man (Brian Nichols) accused of rape who escaped from jail and killed 4 people and severely injured a courtroom guard.

Very often, best movies are the movies that are stories that are about true life people or incidents and the movie is well acted, written and produced. Overall, I think this movie re-created a real life incident into a well acted and well written story. The criminal and serial murderer in this movie was very well played by the actor David Oyelowo and Kate Mara did a very good job playing the captive and meth addict mother of a 5 year old child. The action in the courtroom where Nichols escaped due to the mistakes of a jailhouse guard who took his handcuffs off; never realizing that he was free to attack her, knock her unconscious and escape from jail was the cause of the entire episode. Nichols escape and subsequent murder of 4 other people afterwards is especially tragic considering the procedures of securing a prisoner that if followed, would have prevented 4 deaths and the coma of the jailhouse guard who to this day has never fully recovered from her head injuries.

During the first part of this story a book is mentioned as the woman in the story is trying to get through drug counseling because of her methadone addiction and I am sure that this book will get many more sales because of this. The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

The ending of the story is rather surprising and might not be believable if were not a true story. This is a good movie, not a great movie and I do recommend it.

Captive Movie IMDB


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