Movie Review: The Intern

This movie is a light hearted “feel good” type of comedy which on this level did succeed.

There are some funny moments that are not laugh out loud funny moments but more scenes and dialogue that will make you smile.

The story idea is a very good one, a 70 year old widower played by Robert Deniro decides to take an intern job with an internet startup company that is owned by Ann Hathaway because he is bored with this retired life and wants to do something every day, to interact with people and have somewhere to go to fill his time. Where this movie fails was in its many attempts to fill time, to create action to fill the 2 hour time limit of the movie by interjecting scenes that have nothing to do with flow of the story. There is a scene where Ann Hathaway sent the wrong email to her mother and has her intern and 3 other workers break into her mothers house to either delete her email or steal her computer. This idea did not work and was rather ridiculous because nobody would have someone who works for them do this in the first place. Another story line had to do with Ann Hathaway’s husband having an affair and her intern finding out about it. I thought a better idea for a story would be for the intern to show what great ideas he had from his many years of leading a Yellow Page company some years earlier during his working career and helping Ann Hathway’s character better manage the company and avoid trying to find a new CEO to take over more of her responsibilities which had become overwhelming. Some of this kind of idea did happen in this movie, but not enough and unfortunately many of the other directions this movie went in did not really work.

Despite this movies flaws I thought it was good overall and worth seeing.

The Intern IMDB


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