Movie Review: Everest

In the beginning of this movie there is a paragraph that states that since 1953, when Sir Edmund Hilary was the first to the summit, that in the next 40 years 25% of all climbers of Mt Everest died. Given these statistics and the horrible conditions during the climb and the extremely high chance of a horrible death or near death hardship, its amazing that anyone on Earth would get it into their head that they want to climb this mountain – the tallest and most dangerous in the world. After 1993 there were a series of Adventure Clubs where individuals would pay 65,000 to hire someone to guide them up the mountain. More amazing was that there are people whose full time jobs was to guide and continuously climb this most dangerous mountain. The climbing conditions on Mount Everest are the worst in the world and that includes the use of ladders to cross over the many crevices where many people have fallen in and died over the decades.

The last hour of this movie was especially hard to watch as the realization of two storms that hit the climbers and the lateness of the day when they started their descent was going to doom many of them to their death. The one survivor of the many who died that day in May 1996 lost both of this hands and his nose to frostbite. You had to wonder what he was thinking climbing Mount Everest when had a wife and 2 young children.

I do recommend this movie, but prepare yourself for some disturbing scenes of death.


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