Movie Review: 99 Homes

Man’s inhumanity to man. The year 2008 and the following nightmare of the housing crisis which almost brought down the economy of the entire world is yet another example of “mans inhumanity to man”. Mega rich billionaires were given the ability to do whatever they wanted in an attempt to revive an economy that was in bad shape since the internet bubble and bear market of March 2000 to October 2002. Home loans for any dollar amount were given to everyone regardless of their income or even if they had no job. As a result because of the leverage caused by all this; the insane loans that were given to so many Americans who soon defaulted resulted in the worst housing bubble in US history and created a disaster that has almost quadrupled the National Debt of the United States.

The movie 99 Homes is about what happens to people when they can’t get a job for a long period of time or when they can no longer afford their adjustable rate mortgages. What happens is they are cruelly evicted from their houses, regardless of whether they have children or are very old or are waiting for a legal proceeding that might save them. Unscrupulous criminals are then able to take advantage of this situation to the determent of so many people who are forced out of their houses. During the housing bubble and subsequent economic disaster that started in 2007; appliances were stolen and houses were trashed as the people abandoned their houses. What this movie showed is that some criminals were removing these appliances illegally and then charging Fannie May for the replacement of these appliances and pocketing the profits. This movie is about criminals who will do anything to get rich and could care less if they ruin many lives to get there. This movie is also about a young man who gets caught up in this criminal activity after his own family home was foreclosed on and in the end he develops a conscience.

This movie was very well done and very well acted and is highly recommended. The actors Andrew Garfield and Micheal Shannon did a very good job in this movie. Micheal Shannon might be a candidate for best actor.

IMDB 99 Homes


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