Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Was this movie a period movie or horror movie? Who knows? What this movie was more than anything else was extremely bad. There is a funeral at the beginning, followed by a ghost that shows up that was never explained, the mention of Crimson Peak that was never explained, followed by a love story that was staged in a city in the 1870’s, followed by the relocation of the main female character and her new husband to a huge mansion that is falling apart.

The story and connections of the different scenes have no rhyme or reason. Nothing is ever explained. While in the mansion the husband and wife meet up with his sister who is living there and for some reason (also never explained) they have both killed his many wives over the years, for reasons completely unknown. The soil in the outside of the mansion is red clay but is the clay red because of all the dead women they buried? There is an oil rig in the front of the house that is digging for something, but this is also never explained. Is the director and writer trying to make people think that they are insane or stupid watching this horrible movie? What is the point of a bad movie like this. Why would someone read the script and decide to make a horrible movie from a horrible script?

Guillermo del Toro directed this bad movie, but why he did this is a mystery. Jessica Chastaine is barely recognizable as the husband’s sister and why is she in this very bad movie? Mia Wasikowska is a relative newcomer who should also have never taken the part in this movie. While watching this disaster I could barely believe that it was only 2 hours long because it felt like 4 hours. I almost walked out about 3 times.

Do yourself a huge favor and MISS this horrible movie.

Crimson Peak IMDB


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