Past Movie Review: Air Force One 1997

This movie came out in 1997, a full four years before the terrorist attacks in 2001. I remember thinking at the time, “lets not give the enemy, namely terrorists in the world any ideas.” I also remember thinking at the time I saw this very good movie that Harrison Ford was never more believable in his part as the President or better in his acting, most especially in a scene where the lead terrorist had a gun to his daughters head. The emotions of that scene alone and the acting ability to pull that off in my opinion should have at least given Ford the nomination for best actor that year. This one scene is the best and most believable in Ford’s entire 40 year career.

Most people who make decisions in the Hollywood community would probably say that Ford’s performance in Air Force One was not worth of an Oscar and of course Air Force One was a big budget blockbuster type movie which for some reason Hollywood normally hates, but I totally disagree with the fact that Harrison Ford was not even nominated for best actor for Air Force One.

The action in this movie and the acting, including the entire cast, and especially Gary Oldman who played the lead terrorist as well as anyone could have, were all first rate. If you have not seen this movie, it should be a priority and it is frequently on many cable TV channels.


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