Oscar Boycott Controversy

A few years ago, the Oscar’s decided to have as many as 10 movies that could be nominated for best picture. This year for some reason, only 8 movies were nominated which eliminated great movies like Concussion¬†and Joy¬†from the list of this years best pictures. Considering the decision to have 10 movies in the list some years ago, why wasn’t a similar decision made for all the acting categories, allowing for as many as 10 actors per category to be potentially nominated?

Very simply, if the major categories in the Oscar’s did not have a limit of 5 then this years Boycott of the Oscar’s because no black actors or movies directed by black directors were nominated this year. Clearly, its wrong that Will Smith in Concussion was not nominated for Best Actor along with Michael B. Jordan in Creed and several other omissions even within the limit of 5 nominees. Many errors were made with this years Oscar nominations and many errors have been made in the past, but by just expanding the number of people just like w