Movie Review: The Choice

The Choice is another Nicholas Sparks book that has been made into a movie and 11 of his books have been made into a movie so far, which is an incredible number . Everyone would probably agree that his best movie was The Notebook , which came out in 2004.

Of all the best selling authors right now have to figure that the most successful is Nicholas Sparks if you combine the number of books sold with the number of books made into a movie.  Clearly the all time winner in net worth would be the author of the Harry Potter books JK Rowling, who reportedly is a billionaire. All of the 11 Sparks movies, with the possible exception of the Notebook, follow the same formulaic paradigm.  They are all about a love story that involve some major conflict and then a climax and almost always some kind of a happy ending and many attempts to make you cry.   This movie “The Choice” is not an exception to the Sparks formula and at times it seems you are watching some part of the other 10 movies that have been made from his books, but despite this this movie works because of the solid acting from two relatively unknown actors Benjamin Walker and Theresa Palmer and a story that for the most part was well told.  As with all Sparks movie there are scenes of heavy drama and major conflict, but despite these reminders of other Sparks movies, the movie still works.

Despite the formula-like plot and story I do recommend this movie.




The Choice – IMDB




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