Movie Review: The Finest Hours

This movie is essentially about the greatest small boat rescue mission in the history of the coast guard when an oil tanker broke in half and 33 crew members had to be rescued by one small boat. When you see what happened, you wonder why a decision to attempt a rescue like this with so small a boat was even attempted. Unfortunately this story to me did not seem compelling enough to make a movie about and after 2 hours of this movie which was entirely shot at night in the snow and the cold, you wondered why it was made in the first place.

This movie was slow moving, very boring in a number of areas and because it was entirely filmed at night made the whole 2 hours even more slow and depressing. The story is somewhat risky and interesting and the special effects were just OK, but I was looking at my watch frequently wondering when the whole ordeal was going to be over. For these reasons I cannot recommend this movie.


The Finest Hours – IMDB

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