Movie Review: Gods of Egypt

This movie is yet another example of special effects over a script, idea, story or any kind of connection and logic between scenes. How a story is suppose to be told in a movie is one scene or idea has a connection to another scene or idea, so that the audience can follow what is going on. What you cannot do in a movie is hide a horrible script in endless ridiculous over the top special effects and hope that this will be enough to sell a bad idea, bad script or just a horrible movie.

This movie does have very good special effects in many areas, but the story is ridiculous and implausible and for almost the entire movie, makes no sense. Gerard Butler is in this movie probably because he is dressed like he was in the movie “300” and therefore this movie could be like “300”. This movie is nothing like “300” and is a very bad version of of some movie about ancient Egypt but this one includes creatures that can fly and turn themselves into flying robots. This is another example of bad deal making in Hollywood where horrible scripts like this somehow break through and people actually think a story this bad would actually work because of special effects. Perhaps one day Hollywood will realize the concept of “script first” before you create a movie like this. Unfortunately I see no sign of a movie being green-lighted before the script is good for a very long time. This movie should be missed at all costs because it is just plain bad.


IMDB Gods of Egypt

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