Movie Review: Room

The first thing anyone would think while watching this movie is – Is Room a True Story? The answer to that question is never revealed in this depressing movie and I had to look online to find out later. My guess is that the idea for this movie came from the recent story about the man in Cleveland who kept 3 women captive, but other than that one wonders why a movie like this would even be made due to the depressing story of a woman and her son held captive in tiny wood shed in the backyard of someone’s house. What is also never explained is why the man, who had a child with this woman would hold them captive in the first place. There is some peripheral information about this in certain parts of this movie but overall, you wanted to know more about the beginning of this story and the hows and whys of why he held is wife and son in a woodshed for 7 years.

This movie is highly unusual and of course the acting performances of Brie Larson and her son played very well by Jacob Tremblay are outstanding, but the story is so depressing, including the loss of 7 years for 2 people and in my opinion is too depressing of a reason to make a movie about and idea like this, except perhaps if this was a true story which it was not.

It is revealed in this movie that both the mother and her son (who looks remarkably like a young girl) are being held in this “room” for 7 years but as the movie starts we find out that her son is only 5 years old, not 7 years, suggesting that the woman was being held in this shed 2 years before her son was born.   Another part of this movie which made absolutely no sense was when a doctor made a comment about the boy “escaping while he was still plastic” and this was never explained at all but referred to later when the boy stated that he was “real and not plastic”. This line makes you feel like you must be missing something along the way, which is a feeling nobody likes to have when they are watching 2 hours of a movie.

Due to the fact that this movie leaves so many hanging leaves, I cannot really recommend it, but if you do see it you will appreaciate the acting of both Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

IMDB – Room


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