Movie Review: The Brothers Grimsby

Is being extremely disgusting and raunchy ever funny? In my experience this is rare in terms of something that could be considered comedy or generally funny to most people. A possible exception to this rule would be perhaps a great comedian like the late Sam Kineson who was frequently raunchy and at times disgusting, but his delivery, timing and comedic genius was normally enough to create something that at first might shock you, but later you would realize that what he said or did was so outrageous that all you can do is laugh.

On the other end of the scale, one has to wonder how or why Sacha Baron Cohen is able to make a new disgusting movie every 3 or so years. The theme of every movie that he creates is always the same: “do something so shocking and disgusting that people will talk about it, be curious and go see the movie”. This is essentially the only reason why I saw this amazing piece of garbage today, because I was curious about what he would do next and I was also curious about this one very shocking and disgusting scene involving Elephants. While you are sitting through the horrible 90 minutes of this movie you start feeling like a real idiot that you spent the money to see something so stupid and bad and then you wonder about the Hollywood movie making process and how something this bad could ever be green-lighted in the first place by any producer. Perhaps Cohen has his own production company like Adam Sandler because its hard to imagine that any outside production company would ever approve of financing a movie this bad.

The saving grace of any comedy is if there are enough scenes with big enough laughs then perhaps the whole thing can somehow be salvaged, but in this movie nobody laughed in the audience, not even in the big payoff scene involving Elephants. So why was this movie made? How can a movie this bad be made in the first place? This reason should be studied by anyone who would ever be interested in writing or producing any movie in Hollywood. There is a level if insanity there, a level of craziness and outrage that none of us who would love to sell a screenplay will ever understand.

This movie is horrible, disgusting and about as bad or worse than all of the other movies Sacha Baron Cohen has made in the past. Do yourself and save your money and save 90 minutes of your life and miss this horrible mess, which will rank as one of the worst movies ever made.


IMDB – The Brothers Grimsby

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