Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

This movie is very loosely based on the movie Cloverfield which came out in 2008. Unlike the original Cloverfield which was a science fiction movie involving aliens, 90% of this movie takes place in a bomb shelter where the owner of the shelter played by John Goodman has taken in a young woman played by Mary Winstead whom he was in a car accident with at the start of the movie. After this, almost the entire movie was scene after scene of her trying to escape from the shelter, talking with another young man who is in the shelter with them, playing board games and finding out that the character played by Goodman may have killed another young woman in the shelter some time earlier. Why this other woman was killed or the circumstances of this possible murder was never explained in the movie which I considered to be another flaw amount several during the 2 hours.

The payoff of this movie is to finally find out if they are in fact in a shelter for a real reason, trying to avoid the aliens who have attacked the earth or protect themselves from the poison air which supposedly the aliens have used to kill humanity or if the Goodman character is just insane and kidnapping two young people for his own insane enjoyment. Unfortunately these are not compelling enough reasons including the special effects in the last 10% of the movie to recommend it. For these reasons I cannot recommend this movie.

10 Cloverfield Lane – IMDB


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