Movie Review: Finding Dory

I thought while watching this movie that the correct title should have been “Finding Dory’s Parents” because that is what this entire movie is about – A baby fish with short term memory who loses her parents as a child and then spends the rest of the movie trying to find them. “Finding Dory” is the sequel after 13 years to “Finding Nemo”. While this movie has a good solid story and excellent computer graphics, after 13 years I was expecting more than this just above average cartoon about a cute fish with big eyes who has short term memory. Ellen Degeneres reprises her role as Dory and like she did 13 years ago, did a very good job with her part. As I always do, I had to respect the outstanding computer graphics work in this movie as every moviegoer has to. Somewhere they should publish the number of man hours it takes to put a 2 hour animated cartoon together, then add the script and the planning that goes into a project that takes years to produce.

I thought this movie was very good but not great and I do recommend it.


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