Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan

The movie “The Legend of Tarzan” violates a fundamental rule of action adventure movies. It was boring, very boring. This film has many flashbacks to different parts of the life of Tarzan as a boy, when he met Jane, where he became a member of a tribe of gorilla’s and other than this, the entire movie was about Jane played by Margot Robbie getting kidnapped by some wealthy gold smuggler​ played by Christoph​ Waltz and Tarzan played by Alexander Skarsgard and his friend, played by Samuel L. Jackson chasing after them. This is not a story or really a movie, it was a waste of 2 hours and special effects mostly involving the Gorilla’s. Anybody who sees this movie would agree that there should be much more to this movie and the viewer would have that opinion going in, mainly because of the trailers which make the film seem far more interesting. But it was not. This film was just plain boring and too long and should be missed.