Movie Review: The Infiltrator

“The Infiltrator” is the true story about an FBI undercover agent, Richard Mazur, who for many years risks not only his life but the life of his wife and 2 children to break into the world of drug trafficking as a money launderer. The end result of Mazur arresting so many bankers and drug pushers was successful but the risks he took were enormous, especially considering the murder and torture people like this are able inflict so easily and frequently to so many people. What surprised me the most about this story is why would the FBI or any other Federal agency would allow any person who was married and had a family take risks like this in the first place. It is also hard to understand why would anyone want to take risks like this considering the huge downside of your own torture and murder when you must realize that if you stop one or many of these dangerous criminals, more will just take their place soon after they are incarcerated or killed. Considering the overwhelming stress and fear undercover agents like this go through for so many years I find it amazing that anyone could even do this kind of job for any length of time.

This film took place in the 80’s when cocaine was flowing to this country mostly from Columbia at very high rate. When you consider all the efforts after 30 years to alleviate this problem it should be obvious by now that maybe just legalizing cocaine is the only solution because trying to stop the enormous flow of this drug from South America to the Unites States just has never worked for any meaningful length of time.

As far as this film, it was very well acted and the story was very well told. Bryan Cranston was excellent in the starring role as was John Leguizamo who also played an FBI undercover agent. There is some extreme violence in this film but not overly so and the level of tension is pretty high throughout the movie. Some parts of the story were not explained well and were at times hard to follow but overall I thought this was a very well told story.

I do recommend the Infiltrator.