Movie Review: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

I am actually embarrassed to admit that I saw this movie. Part of the reason for sitting through this mess was for this blog, the other part of the reason was that I hoped that just maybe there would be something funny in this horrible disgusting film. I could not have been more wrong because there was hardly anything funny in this entire film.

From the perspective of the four lead actors in their 30’s who star in this movie: Zack Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine my guess is that they have to constantly work in movies to maintain their expensive lifestyles which automatically comes with living in any kind of decent house in the Los Angeles, Malibu or Hollywood areas. Property taxes for multi-million dollar houses, huge mortgages to pay off, other financial pressures mean that you have to work all the time to stay in the game, even if it means making a movie that is complete garbage. Because of money, you have to completely forego your integrity after reading a script and accept a part that you know is horrible just so you can continue to make money. Then you make a very bad film in the hopes that one day a miracle will happen and you will get that great break of a high-quality well-made drama or comedy. This is just one of many reasons why so many bad movies are made. There are back-room deals that are made and agreements when previous movies are made to agree to a new project in the future as a favor for some producer who gave you a break in the past. Deals like this and so many others affect the overall quality of films that are made in Hollywood and this is why the quality of movies in this country seem to degrade year after year.

While I was sitting through this nightmare of almost 2 hours I wondered how something this so obviously bad could have been green-lighted and as a screenwriter myself I wondered how so many good scripts are passed over or never even read and something this bad gets through. You just had to realize that so many people must have known how bad it was when they decided to produce it. There is something wrong here with this industry and sadly it’s probably an unfixable problem. Its all been going on for far too long.

Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine are both cast members of the Pitch Perfect franchise and they are both excellent in those roles and both can sing especially Kendrick. As far as Aubrey Plaza she has some real skill as a comedic actress and never should have taken this part. As for Ephron this is probably his 7th bad movie in a row and his career is probably just about over at this point, but I could be wrong about that because he keeps getting bad parts in bad movies all the time. Go figure.

Miss this very bad movie because it is just plain very bad.

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