Past Movie Review: An Officer and a Gentleman

As as a movie that had a huge ending emotional impact, now some 36 years after its release – I cannot remember a movie greater than An Officer and a Gentleman” that had better lead up to an emotional ending. I remember seeing this great movie in July 1982 and after it was all over – I was amazed at how well the screenwriter and director captured the extreme highs and lows of the story during the last 30 minutes. The ending is a love story that all of us can see ourselves experiencing and the music made the whole conclusion even more emotionally overwhelming.

After all these years, I cannot think of a better movie that Richard Gere has ever been in, along with Debra Winger, but some would argue that “Terms of Endearment” in 1983 was her best role. It has been 36 years since An Officer and a Gentlemen” has been released and nothing like it has ever been produced since.

I highly recommend An Officer and A Gentleman.

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