Movie Review: Hotel Artemis

The Logline for “Hotel Artemis” is a very good and original idea. “Hotel Artemis is a paid for medical service and Hospital for criminals with rules and regulations”.

Unfortunately the only thing interesting and original about this movie is the Logline, not the screenplay and definitely not the movie. For me it was a struggle just to stay awake for the almost 2 hours of this pretty bad movie that was too long and too boring in way too many areas. The most interesting thing about this film is why a great actor like Sterling K, Brown of “This is Us” , Jeff Goldblum and Jodie Foster decided to make this film in the first place. In the case of Sterling K. Brown, who is trying to parlay his great TV role with movie roles, making this film was a mistake he cannot afford to make too many times. Didn’t anybody read the script?

There is nothing interesting here, just a series of criminals that have their different issues when they are arrive, fight or are treated at a hospital for criminals. Who cares? I sure didn’t.

This movie is simply a bad one and should be skipped and considered an opportunity of a good idea for a story – lost forever.

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