Movie Review: Hereditary

Ever since the release of the Exorcist in 1973, all horror movies that are about the Devil, Seances or the Spirit world have been trying to come close or even surpass the benchmark of the Exorcist. The problem with this is that no movie will probably ever be as scary and well done as the Exorcist in terms of pure movie making horror. In 1973 people were fainting while watching the Exorcist, some were vomiting and many more could not sit through the entire film.

The new movie “Hereditary” does a very good job at scaring the audience and one woman who was sitting next to me left early. The buildup and story were very well done, with many scenes that both surprise and scare the audience. For me the #1 best part of this movie was the amazing acting of Toni Collette, who gives and outstanding Academy award winning performance in this film. Colette definitely deserves an Academy award nomination for this role that required extremely difficult scenes of horror and grief throughout the film. The young actress Milly Shapiro is very unusual looking without makeup and with makeup she looks the part of a disturbed young girl who dabbles in the occult. This movie will remind some people of the 1999 huge hit the Sixth Sense with its subltely and impressive camera angles and film editing. Tony Collette also appeared in the Sixth Sense as well. The actor Gabriel Byrne appears in this movie in an understated role as the father.

I thought that Hereditary is one of the better Horror movies I have seen in many years and I give it a strong recommendation. However, this movie is not for young children or the faint of heart.

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