Movie Review: Oceans 8

All of the five Ocean’s movies are caper movies – and the challenge with writing a caper movie is that you have to make whatever crime the group pulls off both plausible and understandable to the audience. This is not easy, because any detective or anyone with a keen eye can find flaws easily if all of the misdirection that goes into stealing something big – in this case a 150 million dollar necklace. I noticed a few things in this 2 hour caper that did not hold water but not enough to consider this a bad Ocean’s movie. Overall, this 5th installment seemed to be about as good as all the other ones I have seen but I have never seen the original 1960’s Ocean 11 movie starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

The idea with Oceans 8 starring all women, like with the previous 3 Ocean’s movies starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt is to make a good enough first installment so it will spawn more sequels. The jury is out on this on if there will be enough interest to make new Ocean’s movies starring the same cast of women, lead by Sandra Bullock. One good sign is that the movie theater I was in was 100% filled.

I thought that Oceans 8 was a good movie, definitely not great and I do recommend it.

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