Movie Review: Bumblebee

The new movie “Bumblebee” finally answers the question, “will there ever be a good Transformer movie, if so, how will that happen?” Bumblebee is actually a good movie and after about 5 very bad Transformer movies the solution was to eliminate Michael Bay from the equation. Bumblebee actually has a good story, is not all about special effects, there is evidence of acting. All of these are never seen before concepts in over 10+ hours of 5 horrendous Transformer movies that have preceded Bumblebee.

This movie stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie, who is the young woman who discovers Bumblebee and John Cena as the US agent who tries to find him. This movie is far from perfect and some of the story line is far fetched. The ending represents a series of events, including climbing an alien high tower to cut wires that was ridiculous and a young girl of 17 would never do. But the need for story ending high drama includes adding scenes like this far too often. The Rotten Tomatoes reviews for this movie are extremely high, currently 93% and my rating is a solid 80%. I recommend Bumblebee, however some of the fight scenes might be too intense for young children.

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