Movie Review: Gloria Bell

The new movie “Gloria Bell” is about many things, but mostly about survival after a divorce. Gloria Bell is played by Julianne Moore, a woman in her 50’s and after her divorce is trying to find someone in LA dance clubs that play music from the 1970’s and 80’s. The awkwardness of trying to have any conversation with anyone in a noisy dance club like this, I thought was played out very well. This entire movie is a series of connected and disconnected scenes with Gloria and her new boyfriend, played by John Turturro and her x-husband, her daughter who is moving away, her son who is having marriage problems and the complicated awkward emotions so common in all human relationships.

Given that the story was so disconnected there is less of a real story and more of a series of emotions based on something that is either going wrong or right at the time. The acting in Gloria Bell is outstanding and includes a large number of known actors Michael Cera, Holland Taylor, Brad Garrett, Rita Wilson, Sean Astin and Jeanne Tripplehorn who I have not seen in a movie in many years. Unfortunately and once again, there are too many scenes where people are smoking in this film, continuing this stain on so many movies that are financed by Tobacco companies.

The Rotten Tomatoes review for Gloria Bell is a very high 94% and my rating is a very solid 85%, more for the acting then the story.

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