Movie Review: Booksmart

As a professional movie blogger, a must see movie is any movie that is rated 95% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost without exception a movie ranked that high is either very good or great, with the exception of “Booksmart”, that is at best a below average teenage comedy.

For me, the entire premise of this story did not work. Two girls about to graduate from high school realize that all their years of never partying or having any fun was wasted, because other students who partied and skipped school also got into the best schools. Already this is a bad idea, because this would never happen in real life. The two girls then decide that they will make up for all this lost fun in one night, another bad idea. This movie was somewhat raunchy but mostly not funny and did not work as a comedy. Why the critics liked this movie so much I makes no sense. My rating is only 50%.

Booksmart is the directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde and I thought the directing for this film was OK, but nothing that stood out as out as memorable.

I do not agree with the critics for Booksmart and I do not recommend this movie.