Movie Review: The Biggest Little Farm

“The Biggest Little Farm” is one of the most unforgettable real life documentaries I have ever seen about a young couple who have very little money, live in a small apartment and mainly because their dog would not stop barking when they are away at work, decide to raise money and start a farm. It is impossible to not appreciate the incredible amount of hard work and risk taking this couple go through, overcoming hundreds of problems over a course of 10 years to achieve their dream of owning a farm.

Anyone who might have the ambition to start their own business or start a farm, might think twice after seeing the incredible hardship of taking a run down farm that went bankrupt and turn it into a business, that makes money.

I was most impressed with the farm science depicted in this story, from irrigation, to creating healthy soil, to problems with chickens, sheep, pigs and attacking coyotes. The life cycle and ecosystem of nature depicted within a farm like this was also fascinating and very well done.

The biggest little farm has a very high 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I agree with this grade and highly recommend this film.