Movie Review: Ma

One thing that the new movie “Ma” is better at than most violent slasher movies is through a series of flashbacks, the screenwriter shows “why” Sue Ann, played by Oscar Winner Octavia Spenser becomes an insane vengeful murderer. Most movies like this for the most part, just introduce some insane character and then they go on a killing spree. All people are or become who they are through circumstances that other people around them either choose to understand or choose to ignore. The reason why Sue Ann is insane, is because of a prank that caused her great humiliation that even some 30 years later, still haunts and agonizes her. One line in this film makes it clear that sometimes, time does not always heal all wounds.

The majority of this movie involve Sue Ann or “Ma” befriending the children of the teenagers she knew while in high school, by buying them alcohol and using her basement as a nightclub for local teenagers. What follows is some familiar and some unusual scenes that culminate in something we have all seen before in so many other similar films. However, this movie is still interesting and different enough to recommend.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for Ma is an anemic 58% but I will give it a solid 70% mainly because of the acting talent of Octavia Spenser, who showed some courage taking this unlikely role.