Movie Review: Pavarotti

The new Ron Howard documentary “Pavarotti” is about the late Luciano Pavarotti, arguably the greatest Opera singer of all time. This film is a collection of many home movies about Pavarotti’s life that collectively show what it is like to be a world wide prolific performer. The good parts are the world wide fame, love of the fans and money. The bad parts are the lack of privacy, with your life played out in Tabloids, living your entire life on the road from one depressing plane flight to another hotel in another city, almost never being home or being able to spend time with your family. All of this takes its toll, both emotionally and physically. The old expression, “be careful what you wish for”, comes to mind.

During this documentary there are many film clips of Pavarotti singing different Opera’s, mostly in Italian. One cannot help but be extremely impressed with Luciano’s dedication and years of hard work learning to master so many lyrics and accomplishing so many high notes; mostly as they called it in the movie, “The high C”.

There are recent interviews with many of Pavarotti’s relatives throughout this movie who comment on his amazing talent, his generosity with so many charities, his triumphs and mistakes throughout his life. Pavarotti died of Pancreatic Cancer in 2007.

This movie is very well received with the critics, with 88% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I highly recommend this documentary.