Movie Review: Men in Black International

As for the latest sequel in the Men in Black series, the newest movie “Men in Black International” has most likely has ended this movie franchise, because this is a bad movie. If I were a Hollywood executive I would recognize the long term financial windfall these movies will provide and protect the franchise by making sure there was always a great script first, before large amounts of money was invested for special effects. Once again, the same mistake has been made by an executive who believes that name recognition and special effects are all that are needed, not the long term commitment required for a great screenplay. In my opinion this movie was bad in every aspect, including both the acting and the story, that was boring and all over the place.

Men in Black International stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Liam Neeson. As far as Neeson, he probably just agreed to do this movie for the money and never read the script. A bad sign for me was looking at my watch many times, waiting for the 2 hours to be finally over and it was never over soon enough.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie are a very low 26% and I agree with this rating. This movie should be missed with the possible exception of die hard Men in Black fans, but even for them this is a pretty bad movie.