Movie Review: The Gentlemen

As with Guy Richie movies I have seen in the past, the story of “The Gentlemen” is told using a jumbled flashback way that always includes summation scenes at the end that try to explain what happened previously. I personally find movies that try and tell stories using methods like this very annoying. Its one thing to be different good, and another thing to be different bad. If a story cannot be told in a uniform, understandable and mostly sequential way, then there is not a story to tell in the first place. The only production I find worse than a Guy Richie movie is a Micheal Bay movie, especially if it is a Transformer film.

The only memorable thing about this bad movie is within the disgusting dialogue that included the constant and abusive use of the “C” word. What was the point of using a word like this so often, given that there was so much to dislike with the story.

The Rotten Tomatoes average review of 72% is way off and my rating is a very low 30%. This one should be missed.

Movie Review: The Last Full Measure

The most impressive thing about the new film “The Last Full Measure” is the unusually large number of named actors that are in this above average war story. Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford, William Hurt, Diane Ladd, Amy Madigan, John Savage, Sebastian Stan and the late Peter Fonda in his last movie role. The acting is also outstanding from all of the named actors, especially William Hurt. The Last Full Measure reminds all of us that very often the worst thing about war is the psychological damage it does to so many millions of people, long after the war is over.

The subject of this war story, is mostly told through flashbacks of one of the most bloody battles of the Vietnam war –¬† Operation Abilene. Air force medic¬† William H. Pitsenbarger saved over 60 men during this battle and entirely because of military politics, his congressional medal of honor was taken away after he was killed during this battle. Considering the extraordinary heroism of Pitsenbarger, saving 60 lives during one of the worst battles of the Vietnam War, it is a tragedy that politics prevented him being honored for so many years. I thought it was also interesting to find out that out of the almost 3500 Congressional Medals awarded, only 18 are with the Air Force and only 3 of those were enlisted men. One of those went to Pitsenbarger.

The problem with this movie are the large amounts of time devoted to Pentagon employee Scott Huffman interviewing the many witnesses to Operation Abilene, which makes this movie unnecessarily slow in too many places and does account to the relatively low 60% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I agree with mostly low ratings and despite the very good acting and well shot war scenes I cannot recommend this film.


Movie Review: A Fall from Grace

The new Tyler Perry Netflix movie, “A Fall from Grace” tries very hard to not only be different, but to also provide the most unexpected ending ever produced in any film. Unfortunately the price for creating a story so different that shocks the audience, the ending is one of the most absurd and insulting that I have ever seen in all my years of as an avid movie goer. A great example of an unexpected and shocking ending to a movie is “The Sixth Sense” that was released in 1999. There was nothing far fetched or ridiculous about the ending of the Sixth Sense. As a viewer, you never felt cheated or insulted by this conclusion, because in the end, the story fit together perfectly and ultimately it all made sense.

There is no way to give more detail about the ending of this ridiculous movie, that was both written and directed by Tyler Perry, without giving away too much information. In short, this film has to be seen to be believed. A Fall from Grace was shot in 5 days and I wonder how long it took Perry to write this script. It is always a great ambition to be different, and cover new ground with any new production – but when this insults the intelligence of the audience, enough said.

I agree with the very low 36% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for this film and recommend it only for those who are curious to see how insane the ending is.