Past Movie Review: The American President

“The American President”, released in 1995 is one of those cable movies that are broadcast frequently over the years because no matter how many times you see this great movie, it still is very entertaining and still relevant.

The American President, directed by Rob Reiner and written by Aaron Sorkin, is one of those rare films that is a combination of great dialogue, relevant and believable story, great acting and even romantic comedy all in one. For this film, Sorkin’s dialogue is never over the top, or rapid fire like many of his other great films, including “Molly’s Game”, 2018 and “The Social Network”, 2010. In this movie, people more or less, talk the way normal people talk.

The American President is one of the few serious movie roles in the career of Michael J. Fox, who has several scenes in this film that are at the highest level in his many years as an actor. Micheal Douglass and Annette Benning are both outstanding in their lead roles with Douglass as the President and Benning as a lobbyist pushing for a 20% Global Warming fossil fuels reduction. This is all still very relevant even today. Throughout the story, the politics that included choosing between an anemic crime bill and global warming was always interesting, as the President and the Global Warming lobbyists, led by Benning fight for votes to pass legislation.

1995 is now 25 years ago and The American President has been shown on cable countless times. For those few who have still not seen this very good movie, I highly recommend it and agree with the very high 91% rankings on Rotten Tomatoes.

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