Past Movie Review: Platoon

As most would agree, especially the veterans of World War 2, “Saving Private Ryan”, released in 1998 is by far, the best and most realistic war movie ever made. Some 12 years before Saving Private Ryan, the movie “Platoon” directed by Oliver Stone was considered the best and most realistic war movie of all time. So good in fact that Platoon won the best picture Oscar in 1987 and Oliver Stone won best director.
There are many things that stand out in this film, starting with Charlie Sheen as the lead actor in what turned out to be his best ever movie role, by far. Costars Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe were nominated for best supporting actor and Sheen was not nominated and in my opinion this was yet another Oscar mistake. The war action was some of the most realistic and horrific that I have seen in any movie battle scenes. Most especially the final jungle battle at night that also included a Vietnamese soldier who ran into a tent with a bomb, blowing up everybody inside. Hand to hand combat as the American forces are overrun by the North Vietnam soldiers during the final battle is some of the most impressive war action ever filmed.
Platoon is still shown on many cable stations and for the few who have never seen this great war movie, I give this film my highest recommendation.

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