Movie Review: Uncharted

The new movie “Uncharted” is one of those “Lets take some special effects ideas that tested well with other action movies, slap together a garbage script, throw Tom Holland (Spiderman) and Mark Wahlberg into the mix, make an exciting trailer involving people and large objects falling out of planes, and we have a good shot at turning a profit. The only problem with this kind of thinking is because there is no real story, its mostly a nightmare for the audience to sit through this.

This movie is nothing more than a stew of action scenes we have all seen in several Fast And Furious movies, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and National Treasure movies. There are two keys that open doors that exist in different parts of the world, all culminating with finding gold inside two sunken pirate ships. The only good thing about this movie are some of the special effects at the end of the film, involving people, cars and huge objects falling out of planes. The final scenes involve huge helicopters that are carrying huge pirate ships – this must have been hard to shoot and cost a great deal of money. Its too bad that the film wasn’t 20 minutes long, just showing these last parts, because sitting through the first 80% of this mostly bad movie was at times unbearable.

I agree with the very low 38% ratings for Uncharted on Rotten Tomatoes and do not recommend this film.

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