Movie Review: Beast

The problem with the new movie “Beast” is that it is essentially one of those horror movies, where the people involved do such unbelievably stupid things that it causes some in the audience to yell out, “are you stupid?”, “why are you doing this?”, “nobody would do something so stupid”. There are so many incidents in this movie where the main characters who are on a safari in Africa (a father played by Idris Elba, and two daughters, played by Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley) do so many idiotic, dumb and stupid things that it becomes infuriating very quickly. The story is a good one, about a rogue Lion who is out to kill every human being in revenge for poachers killing his tribe. Unfortunately, this good idea for a movie, is wrapped within an envelope of stupidity.

One critic, Odie Henderson on Rotten Tomatoes says it all perfectly: I mean, people do stupid things in horror movies all the time, just to get the audience to talk back to the screen, but this is excessive. Whenever Nate tells them to stay in the car, they don’t. They wander off at inopportune moments, knowing full well that Rory’s out there biding his time. When their father is trying to silently evade his nemesis, his kids start blowing the damn Jeep horn and trying to engage him on a walkie-talkie.

When you’re sitting there for two hours watching this level of foolishness where there is a huge Lion slaughtering every human being in sight it can actually make you angry watching it. The ending is the dumbest idea of all – but I will not give away the moronic conclusion to this below average film.

The bottom line is that nobody, no matter how stupid they are, would ever do any of the things to save themselves that the screenwriter decided to create within this story. A great screenplay about this kind of a story would include strategies and ideas that make sense – that someone with a functioning brain would come up with. Especially in the case where there is a father, who is a doctor in the middle of nowhere trying to protect his two daughters.

The special effects are good, showing a huge Lion attacking and killing many people, jumping on the jeep the father and his two daughters are in. Unfortunately all the rest of this mess is too ludicrous to ever recommend.

The low Rotten Tomatoes for Beast of 73% are not low enough, with my rating around 45% and a big pass for this film.

Movie Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

The new movie with the bad title, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” stars Pete Davidson as his personal life continues to bleed into his increasing number of movie roles. It is obvious Davidson was added to this unknown cast of mostly actresses over worry about not getting enough traffic to what is essentially a rather ridiculous teen-level-slasher movie. Davidson recent fame has much more to do with his being in the cast of Saturday Night Live, ending with this season, and his relationships with some of the most famous women celebrities in the world. This fame he has used to successfully parlay, at least recently, into a movie career. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. He might just be better off just staying on Saturday Night Live. Regardless, I was surprised how small Davidson’s part in this movie is.

Even more surprising is how high the Rotten Tomatoes ratings – 90% are for a movie that I thought was at best below average. There is nothing new here, nothing special, nothing we have not seen before. A group of 20-somethings with one exception Greg, played by actor Lee Pace, who is over 40, and very miscast – get together to play a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies where they have a player pretending to be dead and they all try to figure out who did it. Then a series of events, create a panic in the group with an ending was seemed far fetched and more of a last ditch attempt to fool the audience. Unfortunately this idea did not save this film.

My rating for this movie matches the low 6.6 on IMDB with a solid pass. Once again the critics are wrong.

Netflix Movie Review: Purple Hearts

The good part of the new Netflix movie “Purple Hearts” is that it puts an important spotlight on the huge problem in this country for people who need medicine to survive but cannot afford it because their insurance companies will not pay for what they need and the fact that pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant amounts for essential medicine.

Cassie, played by Sophia Carson is a 20 something bartender and singer who works at a bar that is near a military base. She finds out that she has type 1 Diabetes but like so many others, cannot afford to buy the insulin. From a chance meeting at a bar, Cassie meets Luke, played by Nicholas Galitzine who is a soldier about to return to Iraq. At first they dislike each other, but soon they both realize that if they got married, due to Army benefits, both of their financial problems might be correctable. Their relationship predictably does grow over time, leading to a love story and to some other complications.

Unfortunately for the rest of this movie, there are too TV-movie-soap-opera-subplots that make this entire production look like it should have been a Lifetime TV movie and not a film in theaters or even on Netflix. For this main reason the very low 35% Rotten Tomatoes are understandable, with my rating around 50% mainly for the message of addressing the outrageous cost of buying medicine in this country. Due to the TV-movie aspects, I cannot recommend this film.