Review: Foxcatcher

While watching this movie I was thinking that it really didn’t follow the Hollywood formula and then at the end I realized that it did have the story arch that is typical of most movies. However, everything else about this movie is not like any other movie you have ever seen. The acting is first rate but highly unusual. The main character John Dupont played by Steve Carrel has virtually no personality at all and is rather monotone and shows no emotion for almost the entire movie. It was one of the most unusual characters I have ever seen in any movie. While the movie progresses you wonder if Dupont is gay and definitely is showing signs of some kind of mental illness, perhaps even Autism.

The acting of the Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo is first rate and the wrestling scenes are very believable. At times this movie moves along slowly and some of the motivations of some of the characters was not fully explained, most especially the shocking scene at the end of the movie.

Overall I thought this movie was good and I do recommend it.

RB Screenwriting