Review: Wild

I thought this movie was highly unusual and very good overall. This movie did not follow the normal Hollywood formula and instead used flashbacks to explain why the main character in the movie was hiking 2500 miles through the what is called the PCT – Pacific Crest Trail. This is a true story and it is understandable that a woman who just lost her mother who she was very close with would go through and ordeal like this to try to get over a horrible loss. I for one can identify with doing something like this.

I liked the fact that the movie completely departed from the normal formula type of movie that we are all so use to, and its been a long while since I have seen a movie told in this manner. I also enjoyed learning about this huge 2500 mile hiking trail and you have to respect anyone who had the courage to make a walk that long through some very dangerous terrain.

I highly recommend this movie.

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