Movie Review: Kingsmen

This movie was highly unusual and overall a good movie. One problem was the language barrier at times when at certain times it was hard to understand some of the heavy English speaking or fast talking at parts of the movie. Another negative aspect was at times it was hard to follow what was going on because some scenes did not seem to transition well from one scene to the next.

It seemed that this movie is trying to be a franchise and perhaps that will happen. This movie was kind of like a highly unusual James Bond type movie that was a new twist on the movie spy theme.

Overall, I do recommend this movie.

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Movie Review: 50 Shades of Grey

I don’t know who was more embarrassed by this horrible movie. Me for going to see it, or the actors, so desperate to start their careers in Hollywood that they lost all self respect for just how ridiculously stupid the script, the story, the sex scenes and this entire movie is. This movie will be ranked as one of the worst movies of all time. So why was the book so popular? Not for any quality of story or idea, but for the sexual aspects and S and M that people are curious about. At least the author of the book made a lot of money.

As it turns out, weeks after I have seen this very bad movie – it did in fact make a great deal of money which I guess proves that curiosity is greater than common sense or word of mouth.

Run away from this move, don’t waste two minutes much less two hours of your life sitting through this horrible mess.

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Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending

This movie was horrible. This movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Why is it that some producers think that they can just put out a series of special effects scenes and that can supersede any necessity for a story or God forbid a script is beyond me. After 30 minutes of this horrible movie I was looking at my watch to see how long I would have to wait until I had to go home. How can this happen? How can a movie this bad be made? It was amazing to sit through, realizing that there was no connection from one scene to the next and a story that made no sense at all.

Do yourself a favor and miss this movie.

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