Movie Review: Avengers – Age of Ultron

This was a bad movie. It was bad because once again the producers of this movie knew that they had a guaranteed billion dollars of income for this movie and once again completely forgot about writing any kind of a decent story that either made sense or was even possible for anyone to watch. From one scene to the next you literally had no idea what was going on or why or how one scene connects to the previous scene. There is really no script here, just a series of reasons to create more computer generated action scenes that themselves barely made any sense.

A great example of a movie franchise that did it right was the recent Furious 7, which was a very well done action movie and even though the story was convoluted, at least it was enjoyable and made some sense.

This second Avengers movie will make over a billion dollars, but its still a very bad movie that should be avoided.

What makes a great movie