Movie Review: D-Train

While watching this movie I was asking myself 2 questions. Why was this bad movie made? What was the point. The movie is a ridiculous story about a man who wants to get some glory he never had in high school by getting a former student he went to high school with, who he know thinks is a famous actor to go to their 20 year high school reuinion. While attempting to talk this actor into attending the ruinion he has a gay experience with them, and that basically is the entire plot of this horrible movie.

How can a movie this bad, with this bad of a story be made? Can Jack Black’s career survive a movie this bad? I hope so because Jack Black has some talent and can be funny, but he would be far better off taking off a few years and making no movies rather than ever risk making another movie this bad.

Not only is this movie very bad, but there is a great deal of smoking in many scenes during the agonizing 2 hours this movie was playing. I think this was suppose to be a comedy, but there is nothing funny here, most especially the depressing and very bad story. THe only question here is why is this movie called D-Train. Maybe I fell asleep when they explained that part of the story.

Avoid this movie at all costs.

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