Movie Review: Ex Machina

This was a highly unsual movie which takes place entirely within a research facility specializing in building robots and artificial intelligence.  Early on, there was something called the “Turing Test” where an employee of a Google like company was chosen to interview a robot to see if the robot could pass a test that prove that it thought like a human being, and was in fact “fully aware” with its programmed AI intelligence.

The movie had some interesting turns and surprises and the end was rather disappointing, but how to you really end a movie like this?  Could there be something in the future where a robot could have the intelligence and emotions of a human being?  Perhaps one day many hundreds of years from now.  Considering this important question a movie goer can not help but hope that there was a better point made somewhere during the two hours of this movie.

The female lead in this movie, Alicia Vikander was excellent and has a very beautiful face. Its very obvious that she has a great future in the movie business.

I recommend this movie.

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