Movie Review: Fantastic Four

This movie is not really a remake of the original movie that came out in 2005 and seems to be all about showing how the Fantastic Four came into being in the first place and with a whole new cast.

In the case of this new movie, there is a good deal of up front explanation about an invention by the main character who eventually becomes rubber man which is a transporter that transports objects to an unknown fourth dimension. What is unusual about this movie is that there is a long time setting up the idea and then an extremely abrupt ending which I thought hurt the overall effect of the movie. The special effects for the most part were good to very good and the acting especially by the very attractive Kate Mara was very good. Its not clear that there will be many sequels with this new cast of the Fantastic Four and that will depend entirely on the box office this weekend and the upcoming weeks.

I do recommend this movie but it could have and should have been better and had a better ending.

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